Ikimiz Restaurant Garden in Kyrenia CyprusIlluminated Gourd in Ikimiz Restaurant Garden in Kyrenia CyprusIkimiz Restaurant is located in the old Turkish quarter of Kyrenia and has a beautiful large garden filled with fragrant flowers and trees illuminated by dim light from handmade ‘courgette’ lights which makes for a romantic and homely feel.

You can’t help but notice every little detail which has been carefully planned and executed, including paintings, pottery, art work & plastering all produced by hand by Fatma Erim. Almost everything that you can see has been handmade and produced over the course of two years solely by the proud owners.

The garden alone consists of 9 tables of various sizes and styles, each with their own serene and romantic surroundings. Inside however has a cosy feel decorated again with handmade paintings and art work.

Fatma Erim says, “All I ever wanted was to make our place feel like your own home, like you’re sitting in your own garden enjoying traditional home-made Cypriot food.”

Every Friday night the clay oven is brought alive with the traditional Turkish Kleftiko kebab. This is meat and potatoes slow cooked in a handmade clay oven.


 Monday-Friday: 12pm- 3pm & 7pm-late

Saturday: 7pm-late

Sunday: CLOSED